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The IndieThinkers community enabled me to create a fiction writing group with the kind of open-minded, generous people that I've been looking for. "
Britt Olson, Screenwriter

“IndieThinkers has been immensely beneficial to me intellectually and personally. The library resources were essential for building my blog and podcast platforms, and the work sessions and conferences have helped me stay focused and productive.”

"I don't think I'd have been willing to stake out my own turf and create my own content online if it wasn't for Justin Murphy and IndieThinkers."
Emmet Penney,
Host of Exhaust Podcast

"IndieThinkers is the future: everything here is driven by genuine enthusiasm. Unlike contemporary academia, learning and communicating with others at IndieThinkers encourages flourishing for all concerned."


Forum and Network

Focused exchange in a private and well-organized space. Find collaborators and learn from other successful thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

Weekly Work Sessions

In 4-hour Zoom calls, we turn off our mics and work on our intellectual projects. Privately but together—3 times every week. The quickest way for your membership to pay itself off!

Monthly Conferences

Share your work, get feedback, and strategize with others in our convivial monthly conferences.

Tutorials and Q&As

Instructional resources on tools, workflows, and best practices — plus private Q&A hangouts with the most successful Indie Thinkers today.


High-Quality Feedback

Because we charge a fee and we're invitation-only, our membership is limited to the most thoughtful and serious thinkers and makers around. We are motivated to give high-quality feedback, because we want high-quality feedback in return.

Motivation, Accountability, Productivity

You're more likely to meet your goals when you discuss them in our Monthly Conferences, and you make faster progress when you attend our weekly Work Sessions. Feedback, stimulation, friendly social pressure, and structure are essential for completing long-term intellectual and creative work.

Opportunities and collaborations

Need quality guests for your podcast? Need someone to proofread your book draft? Are you available for hire, or looking to pay for some help? Search and sort by a variety of different characteristics, and direct-message anyone.