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Because we charge a fee and we're invitation-only, our membership is limited to the most thoughtful and serious thinkers and makers around. We are motivated to give high-quality feedback, because we want high-quality feedback in return.

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You're more likely to meet goals when you announce them to a community. Our small-group, monthly video conferences provide friendly social pressure and feedback on a regular schedule. That image on the left I got from Google Image Search, but we really do have video conferences.

Opportunities and collaborations

Need quality guests for your podcast? Need someone to proofread your ebook? Are you available for hire? Add yourself to our ThinkerList, a searchable and sortable database of indie thinkers.


Gave me excellent guidance on my writing project."
Blogger, Indiana, 22
Because you've been doing seminars for many years, you've gotten very good at making sure they'll be productive. In short, you're providing quick, high-quality feedback for a low cost.
Writer, Baltimore, 31
"Wow, thank you so much... Exactly what I was looking for and far more than I could have asked for..."
Student, Cincinnati, 18