How to create an intro (and outro) for your podcast in Audacity

How to make an efficient and foolproof podcast intro (or outro). Obtain and import a music track, record your intro monologue as a second track, then use Audacity's normalization, compression, truncate silence, and auto-ducking effects.

Automatically Email New Blog Posts, Videos, or Podcasts With Convertkit

Screencast (30m). Build an RSS automation in Convertkit, with two advanced tricks. Add custom sharing links so readers share your posts more, then add a custom unsubscribe link so people can opt-out without leaving your list altogether. Assumes a blog, podcast, or Youtube; and a Convertkit account.

Start Collecting Emails with Convertkit on Wordpress

At the end of this tutorial, you will have a nice web page for your mailing list and subscribe forms automatically embedded at the bottom of your blog posts. This tutorial assumes you have a self-hosted Wordpress installation (, not

How to make a stylish PDF to gain subscribers

To build an email list, it really helps if you can offer people something interesting, attractive, and valuable as a gift. This tutorial shows you how to use the free tool Canva to create stylish PDFs for this purpose.

How to Plan Independent Projects

You have a project idea but you're not making progress. You feel overwhelmed or confused about how to proceed. You're unmotivated because you can't see how everything will come together. You need a plan. This workshop will show you how to make one.

IndieThinkers 101: Basic Principles

The Indie Thinker sits at the intersection of academia, agile tech startups, and the media business. Principles: extreme evergreen, inputs are outputs, quantity is a quality all its own, redundancy is a virtue, flywheels, lateral networking, doing things that don't scale, and seizing moments.

IndieThinkers 101: Indie Book Strategy for Serious Non-Fiction

This seminar outlines some strategic principles — and specific tactical suggestions — for anyone planning to write an indie book in genres of "serious non-fiction" (philosophy, science, history, etc).

Platforms #1: Areo Magazine with Subeditor Iona Italia

Where should independent intellectuals publish? This series helps you answer this question! Areo Magazine's center of gravity is liberal universalism. The most common reason for rejecting submissions is bad writing. They publish authors on the Left and Right, though their authorship leans Left.

Content Systems: Optimizing Intellectual Production for the Internet

An ontology of intellectual production for the internet: Content (text, audio video), Machines, Buckets, Sites, Routines, Operations, Projects, Sprints.

Automate and Proliferate: An Optimized Podcasting Process for Indie Thinkers

The podcasting system I’ve optimized over a few years. The quantity vs. quality tradeoff — Diminishing returns of audio quality — Tools, sequences, workflows — Recording on Youtube — Auphonic — Patron delivery — Libsyn, Wordpress, Overcast, Zapier — Operations management.

Content Creation as Insurance: A Blueprint for Professionals

A guide for politically vulnerable professionals or professionals dissatisfied with the intellectual and creative constraints imposed by their institutions. Why you should have a content strategy, even if you don’t need one (yet) — What kinds of content, on which platforms? — Workflows.

Idiot's guide to booting Urbit

You need to obtain a planet first. I was braced for this to take longer than it did. Only took about 18 minutes (minus breaks to do other things). All I'm doing is following

Zapier automation for manipulating ready transcripts from Descript

I don't recommend auto-blogging automated transcriptions because they are not quite good enough yet. This Zapier automation refers to the Ulysses writing application because it's the one I use, but it will work just as well for any writing app that can work with text files in a folder.

Zapier automation for sending voice notes to transcription in Descript

How to setup an automation in Zapier to process voice notes on your phone. All you have to do is record voice notes in Voice Record Pro and choose the "Save to Dropbox" option. Then Zapier will send that audio file to Descript and generate a transcript.

Youtube uploading workflow with TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy is a paid plug-in for improving the experience for creators on Youtube. Here's my upload process using the Tubebuddy functionality.

Intro to Alfred: Some key functions and initial settings

Alfred is a launchbar utility that will make your research and production workflows more efficient. This tutorial suggests a few initial settings and highlights some of the functions I use the most every day: Clipboard history search, spelling look-up, and merging copied items for rapid information

How to Setup Wordpress on Siteground

If you need a website/blog but you're not sure what platform to use, this will be a good default solution for many indie thinkers. It's one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a professional website while retaining customization options and room to grow.

Dictate and transcribe with Descript

Transcribe and edit your voice notes into blog posts and podcasts.